ClO2 Advantages Over Chlorine

More effective, less cost and kind to the environment

ClO2 Advantages Over Chlorine

Higher yield & greater cost efficiencies - Chlorine Dioxide has a higher oxidation capacity, and a lower oxidation strength than most species of chlorine, making it at least 2.6 times more powerful per ppm according to WHO CT values.

Pie Cl2 Against Clo2

No carcinogenic by-products & no bad taste occurrences in water - Chlorine Dioxide acts only by oxidation and does not combine with organic compounds to form environmentally hazardous by-products such as Trihalomethane and other chlorinated organic compounds that have been listed as potentially carcinogenic.

Less corrosive - Chlorine Dioxide has a lower oxidation potential and does not hydrolyse to form an acid, and therefore is less corrosive.

Works over a wide pH - The effectiveness of chlorine is very pH dependent, and is almost ineffective above pH8. Chlorine Dioxide is effective at all pH’s below 12.

Line Hocl And Ph With Shaded Area

Effective against complex organisms - Chlorine Dioxide has been found to be effective against complex organisms such as cysts and protozoa including Cryptosporidium, Giardia and amoeba. Chlorine is not.

Destroys biofilm completely at source by penetrating polysaccharide layers to destroy pseudomonas and other base bacteria within the biofilm. Chlorine does not.


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