Sentinel Guard

Online Analysis and Control of ClO2 and Chlorite Residuals

Sentinel Guard can monitor up to three separate parameters:

- Chlorine Dioxide

- Chlorite

- Safety gas alarms

Utilising the latest sensor technology Sentinel Guard provides for 24/7 monitoring, control and data logging of ClOand chlorite residuals.

Every Sentinel Guard unit is provided with access to our InSite web based monitoring platform which provides for secure, off-site storage and viewing of data log graphs for a period of up to 3 years – ideal for compliance audit purposes.

Installed alongside a Scotmas ClO2 generator, or as a stand-alone system to monitor ClO2 residuals at Critical Control Points in the water system or sentinel outlets The Sentinel Guard offers unrivalled monitoring flexibility and control possibilities and total safety assurance and secondary monitoring of Chlorine Dioxide residuals, in compliance with the requirements of drinking water quality regulations.

The Sentinel Guard system is supplied as standard with the following configuration. Extra relays, digital and analog outputs can be specified as options as required.


Sentinel Guard - Key Benefits


Extra relays, digital and analog outputs can be specified as options as required 



Continuous monitoring of Critical Control Points

Safety by Design
Safety by Design

Total safety assurance


Latest sensor technology providing the widest range of monitoring options for your water system


Introducing Scotmas Group

Managing Director, Alistair Cameron gives an overview of Scotmas Group and our expertise in Chlorine Dioxide


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