Chlorine Dioxide Products & Systems to Suit Your Needs, In Your Industry


Scotmas has an impressive track record of successful international projects across a diverse range of industries

We serve all types of customers, and all types of requirements – from providing small dosing systems for bore-hole water supplies, to large oil-field injection systems, and products suitable for municipal water treatment.

We are technical specialists and experts in Chlorine Dioxide dosing systems and products, bringing a level of expertise and engineering excellence which ensure you get the best solution to fit your requirements.

Chlorine Dioxide is proven to be more effective, less corrosive, and a more environmentally friendly alternative to the use of chlorine based biocides. It can deliver benefits to many industries, and we have experience working across such diverse sectors as Drinking Water, Healthcare, Agriculture, Food Processing, Building Services, Energy, and Industrial.

With the benefit of a Chlorine Dioxide generator system, significant savings can be made. Contact us today to see how we can help you.


Chlorine Dioxide Chemistry

Chlorine Dioxide is the ideal water disinfection and purification product across a vast array of industries and applications.